People who are concerned about the risk of being scammed by a rogue online casino will read this and find out how easily and effectively to stop them. Knowing how to spot a rogue gambling site so that you can stop it is vital in this day and age of large-scale personal identity theft, unlawful scams and horrible experiences.


All online casino players will know the pure rush of excitement that comes from taking a big gamble with real money. But what about the more serious risk of getting across an online rogue casino that might not be as honest or trustworthy as you might think from its sleek and attractive exterior?


Best Ways to Avoid Rogue Casino Sites

Blacklists: If you have any questions about a casino website’s bona fides, you can test it against big public blacklists being circulated on top player forums and review sites. Some of the Circulated Considerations include:


  • Complaints from customers
  • Bad customer support and handling
  • Suspicious software
  • Poor or missing payment history
  • Rouge players/employees

Study: It may sound like simple common sense, but some initial research on any site or casino that you intend to play at is important.


You can also test the credentials of the operators and businesses that operate the casino sites. Look at the bottom of the web homepage for approval stamps from industry auditors and watchdogs like eCOGRA, TNT etc. If clicked, these badges will open these companies ‘ official websites and not guide you to strange sites or lead anywhere else.


Check the site lists its parent company or organization and its registered and licensed location and the authority from which it is approved and controlled. Cross-check this information for validity.

Features: Renowned companies should list their services and features they offer, such as contact details, contact information for customer support, a help line etc. Sites will offer enticing rewards, entry into tournaments and promotions that will be real in the case of trusted sites when cross-checked.


You should avoid sites which offer tricks and cheats to help you win games. You have to ask yourself if you’d trust anyone who wants to help you beat casino games that’s not supposed to be gambling. Very definitely they are scams!


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